Pirates of the Caribbean 6: The Adventure Goes Further

Just before the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides was released, Disney announced two more pirate movies: Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and Pirates of the Caribbean 6. In the midst of the moviegoers' excitement about the 4th Pirates of the Caribbean film, Disney has set its plans to shoot the 5th and 6th movies back to back. Obviously, Jerry Bruckheimer Films and Walt Disney Pictures find great advantages in shooting their films in this manner.

It is interesting to note that Disney told the cast of the fourth movie to leave their schedules open in the near future because the studio wants back-to-back filming. As early as January 14, 2011, Terry Rossio was confirmed to be the screenwriter. However, he will no longer work with his former partner Ted Elliot. Johnny Depp never loses his enthusiasm to reprise his role as Captain Jack Sparrow. In an interview, he said that he is willing to play the role as long as the movie remains popular to the public. If the creators can put all the pieces together, Depp is most likely to consider returning.

Pirates of the Caribbean 6: The Adventure Goes Further

Producer Bruckheimer said that Pirates of the Caribbean 6 will be a standalone like the fourth movie. Deviating from the main storyline opens the film to a new plot and a new set of characters. Screenwriter Rossio, on the other hand, said that the script for the fifth movie is finished and is now on the hands of Disney executives. This development eventually leads to the completion of the 6th Pirates of the Caribbean.

There have been changes regarding the director's chair for the first four Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Gore Verbinski directed the first three movies. But because he was not available to take the lead for the Stranger Tides, Rob Marshall worked in his stead. Disney is hoping to work with several directors such as Chris Weitz, Shawn Levy, Alfonso Cuaron, Sam Raimi, and Tim Burton. You might have already guessed correctly that the producers' top choices are Verbinski and Burton because they have already worked with Depp on many occasions. Depp signed on the deal on July 6, 2011. In addition, Orlando Bloom said that he would love to return should he receive an offer.

We can remember that Johnny Depp has sworn that he will not make movies that make money. Well the opposite happened. Depp just says that it is not his fault and that he did just what is right and that is doing his best. Now, Depp is the irony of getting famous despite having little desire for stardom. It is evident in the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film, wherein all that is needed is Captain Jack Sparrow's charm.

The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is among the highest grossing film series. The series has earned more than $3.7 billion. The studios are known to have spent a great sum for the production of the first three films. In the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film, the producers decided to cut down the budget a little bit. They filmed in cheaper locations and used fewer special effects. Nevertheless, they shot the movie in 3D. Therefore fans were still able to get the maximum entertainment, nothing less than they deserve.

Specific details about the new cast remains unknown so be sure to check for news and updates. Its trailer will be available before you know it. The release date for Pirates of the Caribbean 5 has no specific month and day but it is sure that it will hit the theaters in 2013. Who knows, the 6th Pirates of the Caribbean may be released in the same year. Remember, they are shooting the 5th and 6th movies back to back. They may finish two films at once. If there would be any delay that would be because of the post production process for each movie. And anyway, you will not wait long enough to see each movie. For sure, more thrilling scenes will hit your screen.

In the mean time, wait for updates on so that you do not get left behind. You will surely have another swashbuckling adventure with these two upcoming films as Captain Jack Sparrow will again entertain you with his unpredictable strategies. Watch out for Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and Pirates of the Caribbean 6 and be amazed.